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Author: Adam Du Plooy

Charlie Engle – The Interview

Charlie Engle is one of the most interesting, and toughest ultra-marathoners on earth, from his past drug addictions, his highly acclaimed projects “Running the Sahara and Running America” to his stint in prison. Running is his salvation and inspiration for runners around the world. In a recent interview, Charlie stated “In every long run, I want to push myself to that point where all seems hopeless because that is the exact place where I get to discover new things about myself”. This comment is intriguing and merits further understanding. Would you like to ask Charlie a question? Please email...

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What’s your reason for running?

How many times have you been asked this question; Why do you run? Some people run to lose weight, or to get fit, and these are great reasons. Running is also easy to do, it’s cheap, and you can do it whenever you want, wherever you want, a treadmill, in a busy city or a deserted trail. Everyone has a reason. I get asked this a lot and I am still amazed how many non runners are out there, baffled by what it is we do. Tell people you run 10km and you might get an approving nod, tell...

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