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Author: Kurt

What are you doing? Right now?

How far do you push? In everything? What did you do today that took your breath away? Did you take a trip to the edge of your comfort zone, taste the fear, feel the adrenaline? Or did you, like me, wallow in your mediocre existence, wishing for more? Your wishes are not your reality. We spend our days chasing the next item on our list of things we need to buy. A new house, a new car, that tablet that everyone is raving about. Why? What benefit do these objects provide us? We enter the cycle, working to buy...

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I’m going to be a runner… a trail runner!

Running! The Best Sport Ever!! We all want to be better. We want to do more, be more. We see versions of ourselves in sponsored athletes in the media. We make the choice… “I’m going to be a runner… a trail runner!” So we begin. Our training program looks something like this: Sunday Evening: Find running shoes in back of cupboard, remove desiccated fish moth from running shoes, bang shoes together to remove dust. Locate socks, running shorts, socks and cap. Place running items next to bed. Count backward from time that you need to start getting ready for...

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