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Author: Pieter Steyn

PODCAST – Bennie Roux

Interview with South African trail runner Bennie Roux. Bennie is a force to be reckoned with, he has an amazing running CV. We chat about UTCT, Nutrition, gear and loads more. Enjoy this...

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UTCT 2015 – The Official Results and… The Stoke

Official Press-Release On Saturday 3 October 600 runners made up of 32 nationalities lined up to run either the 20km, 65km or 100km course from Gardens Tech Rugby grounds in Cape Town. Table Mountain hid beneath a thick white mist, and 6 hours of solid, icy rain played havoc with the nutrition and hydration plans of the runners. The brave stepped up, and ran out, lead by race organisers Nic Bornman, Stuart McConnachie and a dramatic red flare. A rain soaked start / finish area grew steadily in terms of atmosphere and by the time the sun rose and...

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The things you learn from the Ultra Marathon

This might be news to everyone but until 3 weeks ago the longest time I have raced was about 5 hours and 20 minutes. There are things that you learn when you toe the line and you know you will be out there for 8 hours or more. It seems crazy but ultra-distance races can keep you out there for not just hours but days! I want to break things down and simply tell you the four things that I learned from the Ultra Marathon. I am not going to include all the things like getting yourself to sign...

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In it for the long run

I want to talk about running for life, no not the organization, the lifestyle and the possibilities. A few weeks ago my grandfather passed away at the age of 87. He was a runner. When I tell you he was a runner I mean he was the runner. Let me tell you a bit more about him. My grandfather Frans Dekker was born on 19 October 1928 and passed away on 15 June 2015, having a long and fruitful life. He was an apprentice welder at YSKOR in Pretoria and after that qualified as a Diesel Engineer. He wrote...

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PURE ADVENTURES AND USL.TV – Partner to provide live streaming race coverage

SAN FRANCISCO, USA/CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA– (May 26, 2015) – Pure Adventures and UltraSportsLive (USL.TV) today announced a partnership to provide live streaming coverage of races in South Africa beginning with the iconic Ultra-trail Cape Town. Hosted on the USL.TV platform, the live streaming coverage will include expert commentary and utilize USL.TV’s innovative tracking technology along with live camera angles to acquire exact geo-positioning of athletes during the race, allowing fans to follow their favorite athletes during the entire length of the event. USL.TV is a media and technology platform revolutionizing event and race coverage of some of the...

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