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Author: Pieter Steyn

UTCT – The Journey to Cape Town

With Comrades fever in full swing the running world is buzzing with excitement as trail runners will make their biggest mark on the event this year. Meanwhile back at UltraRunner HQ, I am watching this clock counting down knowing that I don’t have a lot of time to prepare. I will be running the UTCT (Ultra Trail Cape Town) 65k in October with some of my team mates and my wife crewing me on the route. I will quickly just give you a breakdown of what the route looks like: The purpose of me blogging about this journey is...

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Trail Lab – The Weekend Edition!

If you have not read my pre-camp interview you can find it here. The week leading up to the Trail Lab weekender camp I was daydreaming most of the time, trying to picture what to expect and what type of people would I meet there. What type of experience would this turn out to be? Would I be able to feel comfortable in-between all those good runners? Friday Friday rolls around and with a fair bit of bad weather predictions I set off to Pecanwood Golf Estate that was to be our base for the weekend. At the gate...

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ActivePatch 4 U

Have you seen all the professional athletes with these funky looking patches all over their bodies? Have you been wondering what that is and how “It” works? Well here you go! Over the last 3 years, Active Patch 4U has been developed in close collaboration with some of the top Trail Running athletes. Active Patch 4U is, however, useful for every sport. This weekend I had the chance to spend some time with South-Afric’s ActivePatch 4 U Brand Ambassador Christiaan Greyling. Christiaan gave us a presentation and some general information around the brand and how the patch works. So...

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Do you have a dream? – Bloggers Corner

Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something Not even me, alright? (alright) You got a dream, you gotta protect it People can’t do something themselves They wanna tell you that you can’t do it You want something, go get it. Period   “Impossible” “Can’t” “Unrealistic” are words that should not form part of your vocabulary if you want to set out to achieve your dreams and succeed in life. Once you believe that things can’t be done you are on a boat that is heading downstream and you are going to plunge into the darkness. In...

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TrailLab – Improve your Game!

Trail or Mountain running camps are a fairly new concept in South-Africa. To be honest I have not heard of any formal camps taking place, but I could be wrong. A couple of months ago I spotted “Trail Lab” on Facebook and contacted the founder to find out more. So starting off what are these umm… “Trail Camps?” Usually Trail Running Camps are designed for all runners wishing to either improve their performance or simply ‘getting started’ off-road, like an induction into mountain and trail running. You don’t need to be a marathon runner or a speed demon to...

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