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Author: Pieter Steyn

Event Specific Training

Up hill, down hills, walking, pacing, single track, equipment,food,water, recovery drinks,clothing,shoes and anything you plan to use as per event. The more trail running you can do the better, roads are good if you have nothing else but try to get on the trails as often as possible, I know we don’t live in France or Spain where we just have mountains in our back yard! If you have a specific run in mind that you want to do, then you should include as much similar terrain as possible in your training runs and it should be at a...

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Chafing – Untill you bleed?

Chafing can sometimes be avoided by wearing the right clothing, particularly clothing that fits snugly to the skin. Otherwise, either some form of lubricant or taping of the affected spot should be used. It is worthwhile learning where you chafe and preparing appropriately before your run. Otherwise, you can take some lubricant or tape with you and treat as you go. As with blisters, the earlier you treat affected areas, the happier you’ll be! You also need to be aware that chafing will be much more prevalent in wet conditions and will also occur differently with different clothing, so...

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Keys to sucessful UltraRunning – Consistency

Consistency is defined as ” Consistent behavior or treatment” but more “The quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly in quality over time”   Now there are many keys to being a  successful ultra runner, what I mean by that is that you can compete in the events and survive. Obviously there are many other things that will give you success and I will name a few but I will focus on the main one, Consistency. Mental Capacity & Toughness Time on feet discipline Structure Cross training Simplicity Recovery Nutrition I read an article...

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Ryan Sandes – Live your Dreams

Ryan Sandes is one of the top endurance athletes in the world! I am sure anyone and everyone in the trail and running community knows who Ryan is and what he has accomplished! Ryan is an inspiration to all trail running South-Africans and many more around the world, including our team. Name : Ryan Nicholas Sandes Nick Names : Hedgie Born : 10th March 1982, Cape Town School : South African College Schools (S.A.C.S.) Sports Played : Cricket (Junior School) Rugby (2000 1st Xv), Water polo Degree : Bsc Construction studies and Honours in Quantity Surveying (University of Cape...

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Recovery before & after

Periodisation/rest/recovery, say what? The normal training techniques apply when training for an ultra trail run. You are stressing your body, so make sure you get sufficient rest and recovery. Periodisation techniques in which you build up for say 3 weeks and then have an easy week, are especially good, since it allows your body to adapt. Because the running conditions will be somewhat unpredictable (you can’t easily increase your distance/time by a set amount each run), you should listen to your body and be prepared to take extra rest if required. Quick recovery after training sessions is especially important....

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