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Author: Pieter Steyn

Ultra Nutrition – Pre , During and Post Event

Going to compete in your first Ultra? or your first Stage race? Then we have some good advice for you. When training hard, it is important to get sufficient nutritious food. . Obviously, the training will mean that you will need an increased calorie intake. This is the good bit where within reason you can eat whatever you want without feeling guilty ( Or  at least I can hehe). After exercising it is important for recovery to intake some carbohydrate so that your body can proceed with its refueling. When stressing your body, you may want to slightly increase...

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Base Training – Rookie runners!

I found this gem in an old document I downloaded a couple of years ago. The title was “A guide for misguided beginners” The idea of base training is to both strengthen your body and to get your body used to exercising for long periods. Some people like to do regular shorter runs mixed with cross training and some people prefer to do a once a week long run as their main method of building up a base. Both methods work, but the more regularly you can get out exercising, then the more your body will adapt. Trail running...

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Injury could be a blessing…

I have been dealing with some injuries after my last two stage races which have  put me out of action for 4 weeks. That has brought me to my friend Google literally trying anything to get back up and running because the thought of not running is so bad that it affects me emotionally more than physically. I know that many runners can relate to this feeling of utter uselessness that sets in when you can not run and compete. After finally accepting my situation I began the process of active recovery , mentally and emotionally working on recovery...

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Samantha Gash – Interview

Samantha thank you for giving me the time to interview you. I am sure you are quite a busy lady! Just a tad busy at the moment, but more than happy to chat to you! Tell me about running before 4Deserts and what changed after? Well, I have been ‘running’ since 2008 when I completed my first marathon, but when I decided to do the 4Deserts I had no idea how to prepare for an ultramarathon. Because I was so inexperienced, I really used each race as an opportunitiy to learn as much as I could from all of...

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Interview – Sage Canaday ( Mountian Ultra-Trail Runner )

I want to thank Sage for giving me some time out of his busy schedule to do this interview. For anyone and everyone involved with trail running and ultra running they would have seen or heard of Sage Canaday at some point. So for all you runners out there take note of some good advice!                   Sage thank you for giving me the time in your busy training schedule to ask you a couple of questions. No problem! I’m honored to be included on the website. You have some great content...

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