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Barefoot – What I have done

Barefoot – What I have done

So for this weeks bloggers corner I thought I would update the Masses on my experimentation with “Barefoot” running.

Now you need to understand that there is a difference between Barefoot vs Minimalist. I have always run in minimalistic shoes and never even journeyed into stuff like HOKA One’s or anything like that, so I can not comment on those.

I have only had a couple of runs in barefoot shoes ( Vivobarefoot Breatho trails) and this is what information i could gather from those experiences;

You need to start slow! Don’t buy barefoot shoes and go run 10km of the most technical trails you can find because you are going to end up injured or really sore.

You have been wearing shoes with support structure your whole life, don’t just jump ship! Transition slowly to the barefoot shoes by walking in them and running a couple of km every week.

Your muscles and ligaments in your feet and lower legs are not used to the “Natural” forces so go slow! You might feel your Achilles tendon but i guess that’s normal?

Listen to your feet :) I developed a blister and a bit of a strain on my Achilles Tendon because I did all the wrong things.

Some positives are that you will gain strength you never had before. You will discover that strength will filter through to all other aspects of your running.

Now I guess barefoot is not for everyone but for those of us that are making the journey it feels good to be connected to the earth we are running on.

Till next week

Happy trails


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Big Dreamer...Loving Husband to a beautiful wife :) Runner and Wannabee UltraRunner! Takes life too seriously.
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Big Dreamer...Loving Husband to a beautiful wife :) Runner and Wannabee UltraRunner! Takes life too seriously.

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  1. Thank you for the cool blogs!
    I personally switched to running all my Obstacle Course Races with VivoBarefoot Trailfreaks. Great change!
    Transition didn’t take very long, however I do not do more than 20km races with them.


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