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Bloggers Corner – Emelie Forsberg

Bloggers Corner – Emelie Forsberg

This week I have a really exciting bloggers corner to share with you.I know I don’t do nearly enough of these but time is not always on my side and life can get quite busy sometimes. Look out for my race report on UTCT2015 that should be out by the end of the week!

I chatted to Emelie Forsberg ( Swedish trail runner, ski mountaineer and mountain lover) the “European Ultra distance Skyrunning Champion 2015” informally and just asked her some questions.

Photo Credit: Emelie Forsberg FB

Photo Credit: Emelie Forsberg FB

Her BIO on her website:

Member of Salomon International team and a devoted lover of the mountains. The best time is the time out in the mountains where the clock and the world outside doesn’t count. In the summertime I run in them and in winter time I go skiing. When I’m not in out in the mountains I do some studying.

Q: We all know you as the trail running superstar, but please can you just tell us in short when you started Trail and Mountain running and where the love for the sport comes from?

I think it is hard to answer that question, because when you are a child, your run everywhere, right? You never see children just walk. At least not when they are outside in the nature. And as a kid I spent many hours outside. That was my playground. When I started school I started many sports, but running was always there on the side because it was so easy – you only need a pair of shoes.

After many years of football, cross-country skiing and basket ball, I started to climb as a 14 year old. Then mountains came into the picture and I did everything there: climbing, skiing, running. It wasn’t until I was maybe 21 that I really started to realize that I didn’t want to spend a single day without running (at least in the summer as I only ski in winter!)

I started to compete around 5 years ago, and 3 years ago International races.

Q:What do you love doing other than running? I see a lot of mountain runners spending their time climbing or Mountain biking.

I do a little bit of climbing as I like to reach summits, and often there is some climbing and scrambling included in that. Also I like to keep my climbing shape. So ice/ mix climbing and rock climbing. I don´t do biking, but sometimes I do some roller-skiing just to prepare the winter season.

Photo Credit: Emelie Forsberg FB

Photo Credit: Emelie Forsberg FB

Q:Any weird hobbies that you have that nobody knows about? Cooking? Knitting?

Weird? I don’t think cooking or knitting is weird… But I do both! Some years ago I did a lot of knitting when I spent time with my grandmother. Also when I studied at university, I did knitting as it was a good way to relax, and not read!

Q: What drives you to get up in the mornings?

Everyday life! I´m a lover of the small happiness in the everyday life, like a cup of coffee on a chilly morning, sitting outside looking to the sun when it rises. Also bigger goals, like training for the season ahead, writing, learning new things, sharing the passion etc.

Q: One of our Team Members commented on your website “I dig her website. Such a laid back girl”. Do you enjoy interacting with your fans over your website/blog and are you just easy going?

Hmm I think I´m just easy going. I have always like writing and sharing what makes me happy, and I think I just keep doing it the way I did 5 years ago when no one knew who I was!

Q:Where do you see your career going? Do you plan on running professionally forever or would you like to help the sport in other ways later in life?

I´m pretty young in the racing life, and I have so many things I want to do here! I want to progress, run races, do better. And I think I can do this for a long time, or at least as long my motivation and inspiration is here.

Afterwards, for sure I would want to contribute to the sport somehow. But I also want to have more time for small scale farming!

Photo Credit: Emelie Forsberg FB

Photo Credit: Emelie Forsberg FB

Q:Have you heard about any races down in South-Africa? Any plans to ever come and run our small hills? We have many great international standard races here! Killian has been here before so he could probably tell you!

I have heard about some races yes! The Otter trail! I would love to come exploring! Maybe I’ll look for a trip this winter to get some sun and miles in my legs.

Q:What makes you happy?

So many things! Just to wake up to a new day makes me happy and grateful for what I have. I can´t ask for more, you know. But seeing people going their own way, seeing people finish a race, seeing people happy, I guess that makes me happy too!

Dogs also make me happy. I love them! Their pure joy for just being in the moment.

You can follow Emelie here:

So there you have it another bloggers corner done! I will try and get another one out next week…I know what you are thinking! I will try my best :)

Happy Trails


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