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Chafing – Untill you bleed?

Chafing – Untill you bleed?

Chafing can sometimes be avoided by wearing the right clothing, particularly clothing that fits snugly to the skin. Otherwise, either some form of lubricant or taping of the affected spot should be used.

It is worthwhile learning where you chafe and preparing appropriately before your run. Otherwise, you can take some lubricant or tape with you and treat as you go. As with blisters, the earlier you treat affected areas, the happier you’ll be!

images8You also need to be aware that chafing will be much more prevalent in wet conditions and will also occur differently with different clothing, so make sure that what you wear works for you. Wet conditions may result from river crossings or even sweat, not just when it is raining. What doesn’t worry you on an hour training run may get to be very significant after 5 hours of running.

Lubricants ( Body Glide) to use can be the tried and tested Vaseline. However, some people find that silicon creams and baby creams can be more effective staying on for longer, particularly in wet conditions. Taping can vary from band aids to KT Tape . As long as it sticks to the skin and covers the affected area, then it will work. Getting it off afterwards may be the hard part though, so often this would only be used when doing longer races.

tips images Learn all about your body – apply lubricant to known friction spots, eg; tips of toes, feet, upper inner thighs, inner cheeks of the buttocks, groin area, nipples, inner arms just below the arm pits, lower back (if carrying a pack). It al comes down to practice. Take a small container of lubricant on the run with you.

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