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Failure is what you make of it – Misty Mountain

Failure is what you make of it – Misty Mountain

Hi Everyone! Hope you all have had some good runs in the new year. So for my bloggers corner I will be taking you through my Experience at the Mt Moodie Race at Misty Mountain near Sabie.

View from the deck of the Misty Mountain Resort

View from the deck of the Misty Mountain Resort

This was the venue for the SA Ultra trail champs! I was not brave nor stupid enough to enter for the 87km so I stuck to the more familiar 35-40km range of running.

Zelda booked a great place for us at the Misty Mountain resort and it was great spending the time with our friends having some good times and sharing stories. I really enjoyed the “Kuier” which is sometimes better than the event or race.

Our Group!

Our Group!

So let me jump right in here and say that after a false start at the race and running back for the second start I was pretty motivated to run really hard and push myself to that limit where you have not been before. After-all I have trained consistently the last 3 months for this race and I knew its either going to go really well and I would finish strong or I would burn and not finish.

The route was wet and tough but that is why we come to these races! This is not some road race where you have a nice smooth road??? This is Mountain running and boy it was beautiful out there.

So the first 18km I was on fire ( so I though lol? ) and flying at a comfortable pace at about 70-80% of my max HR. I found four runners and stuck with them for the first 12km but the combination of lots of wet terrain, river crossing and extreme downhill did a number on my big toes. So by 18km I was suffering badly because I did not tape my feet which I knew might be a problem with the downhills but I was Ignorant! !!?

After reaching the 21km aid station it all became a blur and I suffered through the next 16km to the finish, from falling down into a little stream to getting lost. I really don’t want to elaborate but I had given up at about 30km .. the last aid station….It was tough not to just stop and pull out of the race.

I figured this type of thing happens to people right? We get stuck and there is always that easy way out that would put us back into our comfort zone? The reality for me was that I felt embarrassed about my poor performance, I was angry at myself for being in this situation. Preparation is key…

When I rocked up at the finish line all emotional and down on myself the screams were so loud that I thought I had bloody won the race! My friends came out to greet me and hug’s were dished out like nobody’s business! It then occurred to me I may not be the fastest or the slowest runner in the world but at least I have what it takes to push through to the finish.

That is the thing that I love about the trail running community in South-Africa, there is more friendship in this community than any other sport I have competed in. Most of the runners know each other :)
Our group waited for our friends to finish the Ultra, one friend did really well and finished in 14h ( Su-Yen thats you), and ended up walking down from the trail head in flip-flops trying to see if we could walk with them to the finish. That was probably an emotional moment for everyone just to be so happy that your friend had made it ( Nic G Im talking about you buddy! )

And that’s the sport of Mountain Trail Running.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

Happy Trails


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  1. Over 140 days to train before you can come back and give it horns at the Misty Mountain Winter Warmer.


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