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Injury could be a blessing…

Injury could be a blessing…

I have been dealing with some injuries after my last two stage races which have  put me out of action for 4 weeks.

That has brought me to my friend Google literally trying anything to get back up and running because the thought of not running is so bad that it affects me emotionally more than physically. I know that many runners can relate to this feeling of utter uselessness that sets in when you can not run and compete.

After finally accepting my situation I began the process of active recovery , mentally and emotionally working on recovery every day. Some days resting would require more effort than the stretching and strength routines, staying busy was easier. It takes great courage to not just quit when you are not getting the results…

So this takes me to my next point that in life we can not always give up when things get difficult emotionally ,physically and spiritually. If you want to be successful in anything whether it be running or business, I believe that you need to commit to your Goal ( in this case recovery).

The difference between a winner and a loser ? The successful and unsuccessful ?

Lets break this down! The failure is there every time, but the winner gets back up and does it again and again until it goes his way. I call this courage … the courage to not give up when things don’t go your way and you have hit rock bottom. Everyone loves sayings “We all fall down in life guys..the question is who gets back up” , but again it comes down to perseverance and the never say die attitude we should have.

Never give in to what you want! Now combine that with a good recovery program, sound nutrition, excellent physiotherapy and build your belief and confidence! Lastly put all this together with a WANT and a DRIVE!

Now looking back I feel blessed that the “Injury” happened because sometimes athletes can push themselves so far outside the boundaries that something has got to give. Lucky for me that “give” was not that serious but that does not mean my suffering was any less.

I read this article on Go-Multi by Glenn Macnamara  “Injury, the toughest race to win” , this was exactly what I needed and I hope that this article can help you. You will find the article here.

Happy Running!

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Big Dreamer...Loving Husband to a beautiful wife :) Runner and Wannabee UltraRunner! Takes life too seriously.

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