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Interview – Sage Canaday ( Mountian Ultra-Trail Runner )

Interview – Sage Canaday  ( Mountian Ultra-Trail Runner )

I want to thank Sage for giving me some time out of his busy schedule to do this interview.

For anyone and everyone involved with trail running and ultra running they would have seen or heard of Sage Canaday at some point.

So for all you runners out there take note of some good advice!











Sage thank you for giving me the time in your busy training schedule to ask you a couple of questions.

No problem! I’m honored to be included on the website. You have some great content here.

Sage you transitioned from the marathon distance to ultra and from road to trail, what made you decide to get into Trail and Ultra Distance?

I like the natural beauty of the trails and mountains. I also like the challenge of running uphills and racing at different, longer distances. I still do road marathons and want to run fast at the shorter distances as well. Right now the focus is on trail and mountain races from 12km to 100km.

What advice do you have for our “Rookie” runners out there currently doing distances of 20-30k, that want to get into the Ultra Distance?

Try to slowly do longer long runs and run more often. It’s better to train consistently and to do regular runs in the 10km range and then mix up your training with longer, 20km runs. Then just sign up for a 50km and work on doing some hills!

What is the single best advice you were given in your running career?

Take your easy days easy. Some days are meant for recovery running and you have to make yourself go slow! This allows you do absorb faster and harder workouts and stay healthy between races.

What is in the pipeline for 2014? Any big races we can follow?

I’ll do the Speedgoat 50km again and then The RUT 50km as part of the SkyRunning World Series Ultra schedule. Then I’ll do the Chicago Marathon, Les Templiers (in France) and The North Face 50 mile championships in December. I might add in Pikes Peak Ascent as well!

Sage Thank you for your time we really enjoy watching you and good luck for your next race!

Thanks for your interview and for all the support!

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