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Race Report – Rustenburg Mountain Race 25k

Race Report – Rustenburg Mountain Race 25k

Here we go! Two race reports of the Rustenburg Mountian Race 2014.

Ken Swettenham



We had lovely calm weather when we left Pretoria just before 5am to drive to this race. We anticipated a pleasant run. By the time we arrived, there was a strong, cold wind and although the car told us the outside temperature was 10 degrees, the wind chill factor must have taken it closer to zero. It was a shivering bunch of runners that lined up at the start.

I ran what I considered a poor time here last year due to a bad fall, which saw me walking the final couple of kays. I expected to beat that time comfortably, but the wind saw to it that I didn’t.

It made the tough climb up the mountain even tougher than usual. Even over the mountain, the wind battered us and I found myself running close to a minute per kilometre slower than usual over the 7km to 14km section – a part of the route where you can usually make up some time. I lost a lot of time there and I had the distinct impression that I was the only one struggling in the wind, as other runners came flying past me! My time of 1:21 at 10km gives you an idea of the almost pedestrian average pace.

I did get slightly better by 16km, which I reached in 2:04, before my watch died on me and I ended up running the rest of the race “blind”. Despite the tough conditions, I did find that I was jogging along comfortably and even the climb back over the mountain wasn’t as bad as I remembered it last year. In fact I really enjoyed the final 5km far more than I think I ever have done on this race. However, there was too much time to make up, despite the wind having subsided a bit and the conditions were getting warmer. I crossed the line just as the finish clock turned 3:16 – two-and-a-half minutes slower than last year, but feeling so much better!

This really is one of my favourite races. Nothing wrong with the water points, although I was disappointed that there was no Coke, but a sponsored cool drink of a brand that I hadn’t heard of before. I’m afraid I didn’t enjoy it.

Not much marshalling was required, but what they had was absolutely perfect. Entry collection was quick and easy. No problems with parking.

We got a T-shirt for pre-entry, the usual lovely medal and a 1kg bag of Maize Meal, which I gave to one of our helpers.

Overall, I was disappointed with my time, but put it down to the challenging weather conditions. I was pleased with how good I felt at the end, after not feeling great the last 2 times I’ve done this race.

No doubt, the new route that they’ve used for the last 2 years is tougher than the old one, but still a great event and well worth the drive.

Jeanne Wilters:

Jeanne Wilters


Up to 19h30 on Friday evening, my plan was to do the Krugersdorp 5km ParkRun with ARB and Hoppies.  Then I received a phone call from one of our club mates, asking if I am coming with to Rustenburg 25km.   Wow, what a mind shift…. I had to repack my whole tog bag!

Got up at 3am, and left JHB at 4am.    Got to the venue, with a howling cold, bitterly cold wind.  Luckily, I had my BUFF with me (which I used to cover my mouth, nose, and ears), and luckily I packed a long sleeved T-Shirt.    It was so cold, that we stood at the boma fire until about 5 minutes before the gun went off.

The first few kays were murderous!!! I really thought I have bitten off much more than I can chew.  Such steep up hills that you can’t even walk properly.  On top of the berg things got better, but even there, the route was not EASY.   I really enjoyed the “different” water tables, and enjoyed the different flavoured drinks like ginger beer, cream soda etc.

Four athletes from our club ran together, and walked a lot.  Finished in 2h41.  3 minutes faster than Springbok Vasbyt.

I found Vasbyt more difficult, maybe because the trail running was far more technical.

This was my first Rustenburg Mountain Race, and I would LOVE to do it again


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