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Recovery before & after

Recovery before & after

Periodisation/rest/recovery, say what?

You need rest and recovery!

You need rest and recovery!

The normal training techniques apply when training for an ultra trail run. You are stressing your body, so make sure you get sufficient rest and recovery. Periodisation techniques in which you build up for say 3 weeks and then have an easy week, are especially good, since it allows your body to adapt. Because the running conditions will be somewhat unpredictable (you can’t easily increase your distance/time by a set amount each run), you should listen to your body and be prepared to take extra rest if required. Quick recovery after training sessions is especially important. The use of cold water to refresh tired muscles works well as does the usual stretching, cool downs and massages. When you are training hard, it is also important to eat well getting plenty of nutritious foods.
Pre-Event/Post event

Pre-event you should be tapering to give your muscles a final chance to recover and strengthen. Close to a long event it is much better to err on the side of being undertrained than overtraining. After a few hours of an event, you will start to feel it if you have overtrained. Tapering should be slightly longer and slightly easier for trail running than for standard road events, since the body’s recovery time will be slightly longer.

Post-event you should take a well deserved rest. However, getting in some gentle exercise will significantly help the recovery, so even if your muscles are sore, get out and do some light exercise. Take the opportunity to do some of the things that you wouldn’t normally do!

There are differences in relation to how much sleep is needed prior to a major ultra. Some people get very little sleep the night before the event, others try and get to sleep early. The secret seems to lay in getting 2 good nights sleep prior to the night before the run

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