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Ryan Sandes – Live your Dreams

Ryan Sandes – Live your Dreams

Ryan Sandes is one of the top endurance athletes in the world! I am sure anyone and everyone in the trail and running community knows who Ryan is and what he has accomplished! Ryan is an inspiration to all trail running South-Africans and many more around the world, including our team.

Western States 100 Miler 2014

Western States 100 Miler 2014

Name : Ryan Nicholas Sandes

Nick Names : Hedgie

Born : 10th March 1982, Cape Town

School : South African College Schools (S.A.C.S.)

Sports Played : Cricket (Junior School) Rugby (2000 1st Xv), Water polo

Degree : Bsc Construction studies and Honours in Quantity Surveying (University of Cape Town)

Occupation : Trail Runner

Hobbies : Mountain Biking, Paddling, Surfing and Trail Running

Favorite Food : Bresola pizza or Steak .. sometimes Calamari

Dislikes : Dishonesty

Favorite movie : Snatch

Favorite Band : Red Hot Chili Peppers

Ryan what is the average day like in the Sandes Household?

It depends on the phase of my training so everyday is different. On average I train for about 20 hours a week including some strength work and then fit in admin and commitments around that. It can get really busy some weeks but I love every second of it.

What in life is most precious to you?

Having peace of mind and being in control of my destiny. My family is really precious to me.

Your Favorite Quote?

‘Live your Dreams’ …

What keeps you motivated in life?

Living every day to the fullest and continually learning and growing as a person.

Ryan at his first 4 Desert Race – the Gobi Desert Marathon -

Ryan at his first 4 Desert Race – the Gobi Desert Marathon –

You are busy preparing for Racing the Planet’s 250km race in Madagascar, essentially going full circle. Why have you decided to enter this specific race and how do you feel about going back to the Racing the Planet series?

Yes, I am super excited to be going back and running a self-supported multi-day race as it is such a unique experience. I enjoy mixing up my running and keeping it fresh so it has been fun training for a multi-day race again – I am still struggling to get used to a heavy backpack though. I have always wanted to travel to Madagascar (some people call it the 8th continent) and this is the perfect opportunity.

Ryan you have been everywhere and achieved more than any trail runner in Africa, after Madagascar, what are your plans?

I plan on taking the second half of the year really easy to focus on some specific training. With so many awesome opportunities to travel and race overseas it has been a tough decision but I want to keep running for a long time so I need to give my body a chance to rest. I would like to take part in the Ultra Trail World Tour again next year, but will see how the rest of the year goes. UTMB is also on my wish list!
Tell me something that we do not know about you? If that is possible at all :)

Ha! Thats a tough question … While racing in Madagascar for 7 days I will not get to wash or brush my teeth and will wear the same clothes.

What advice do you have for our Rookie runners that want to follow in your footsteps? Doing 250km Desert Races.

Run run… and run some more;-) I think it really important to have some sort of structure in your training so that you do not over-train but at the same time never lose the feel of your body and if you are tired rest.

Ultra Trail Mount Fuji 2014- Kenta Onoguchi

Ryan do you have any shout outs to all your fans and sponsors?

Yeah thanks so much to my dream givers for giving my dreams wings and making them happen! Running is an individualist sport but when I am out there racing I feel like I am running for more than just myself, therefore a massive thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me along the way – I couldn’t have done it without you!

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