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The things you learn from the Ultra Marathon

The things you learn from the Ultra Marathon

This might be news to everyone but until 3 weeks ago the longest time I have raced was about 5 hours and 20 minutes.

There are things that you learn when you toe the line and you know you will be out there for 8 hours or more. It seems crazy but ultra-distance races can keep you out there for not just hours but days!

I want to break things down and simply tell you the four things that I learned from the Ultra Marathon. I am not going to include all the things like getting yourself to sign up for the race and the months of training.

Get to the start…

Nerves and stress combine to give you the runs like the rivers of Babylon might seem abnormal but I assure you they are normal. Getting to the start line is one of the biggest challenges you will face. But this is where you have to sit back and think about the months of training and the sacrifices you made to get here to this time and place. Write down what this race or moment means to you and mull on that while sipping on your coffee at work in the mornings.

Believe in your ability

Photo Credit Energy Events

Photo Credit Energy Events

This was by far the most difficult step for me… to have faith that I will make it. Believing in your ability is really important to the mental state you will be in before and during the race. My wife and friends were always there through my journey motivating me and helping me strengthen that belief.

Your Why



Ultra running is a Journey people…you get the most out of it when you approach it with a pure and humble heart. An ultra-Marathon is something you can’t finish for anyone else. You have to do it for yourself! Keep thinking about your why and you will be fine…

Motivation is a huge component to putting in the hard work day after day to reach your running goals. Quotes about running are good tools to remind yourself why you work hard, train for months, and race to accomplish your goals.

The next time you feel like you’re in a slump or having a hard time lacing up your shoes, copy your favourite quote and print it out in large font. Tape that piece of paper next to your desk, by your running gear, or wherever you need it. It will help motivate you to get the work done.


After the race is completed, the high has been depleted and you are sore in places you did not know could hurt, bored out of your mind, be distracted! Life is not all about running and it is important to realise that, have other outlets to keep you busy while you recover. For me I am trying to finish my degree so I am knee deep in my books, which keep me distracted and excited! Knowing that in a couple of days I will see the sun rise on the trail before work and remember why I am doing this.

So if you have been thinking of signing up for your first Ultra or your first trail run, just do it! The rest will happen

“We only live once, but if we work it right, once is all we need” – Greg Plitt

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Big Dreamer...Loving Husband to a beautiful wife :) Runner and Wannabee UltraRunner! Takes life too seriously.

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