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Training Effect – what is it?

Training Effect – what is it?

I have been wondering what that “TE” stands for because I see this little number on my Gramin Fenix every time I complete a workout. So

Training Effect is a personalized measure to gauge the effect of exercise on aerobic fitness on a scale from 1.0 to 5.0. It helps to see how easy or hard your workouts are by visualizing the effect of the workout automatically, already in real-time. Simply start your workout, exercise freely as you like and stop when satisfied with the result. Based on the results, it is easy to understand the actual effects of your workouts to make sure you are performing the workouts optimally and not too easy or too hard.

The numbers and what they indicate?

1.0-1.9 Easy This is an easy workout for you
2.0-2.9 Maintaining workout This workout helps to keep you fit
3.0-3.9 Improving fitness This intensive exercise improved your fitness
4.0-4.9 Highly improving Substantial effect on your fitness
5.0 Overreaching (too much!) Very hard exercise, rest required


Garmin Forerunner TE

Garmin Forerunner TE

Suunto PTE

Suunto PTE

What personal information is required for TE?

Typically with any consumer product with Training Effect, you’ll set age, weight, date of birth and gender to first get started. Based on the information, your initial fitness level estimate and maximal heart rate are then calculated on the background automatically to make sure Training Effect is individually at the right level for you.

When you perform first workout, Training Effect is calculated based on your heartbeat data and user profile. When you continue using the device, analysis engine automatically gets to learn your fitness level and workout habits better and calculated the Training Effect even more accurately.

You can go read more on this website here

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