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Author: Michael Baker

How I beat the dreaded cramp…

How I beat the dreaded cramp… I find from most top athletes to my own training partner, everyone has their own secret for performance that they don’t really care to divulge. They may hint towards a remedy or two but their full recipe is always concealed.     It’s important to make clear that I do understand that if one thing works for me it may not necessarily work for you, but recently I have discovered a gem that I couldn’t wait to share with other trail runners enduring the relentless mid-run cramp. I am a guy that has...

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Sharing trails with snake tails

Sharing trails with snake tails I was not born a trail runner, yes I can grow a beard and can plod for 80 kms but I am scared of heights, spiders and my biggest fear of all… SNAKES! I found the main reason I was scared of snakes was because I didn’t know enough about them. Sometimes we run in really remote areas or go off the path into areas that do not see a lot of human activity, this is where the fear of snakes really start to lurk in the back of my mind. The most obvious question...

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We Trail Run “Because its there”

Trail running Bearded men, flat peaks, the banting diet with all the gear and no idea. There would not be such a sport as trail running without these wonderful characteristics. You don’t see many runners finishing a race without ticking at least one of these categories. I think the question many outsiders struggle with is why do we all love this sport so much and what on earth gets us motivated to run for hours over the toughest terrain around? Well as a young bearded man I’ve enter many races and have interacted with many of these trail running...

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