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Injinji Socks – little gloves for your feet!

Injinji Socks – little gloves for your feet!

Injinji Performance 2.0 Trail Socks


There are probably several ways to review a product. You can start by describing the product like this?

The TRAIL Series is powered by Injinji’s 5 Toe Fit System and engineered for the uneven and unpredictable terrain of the trail to offer the best fit, feel and protection inside ANY shoe. With a double elastic cuff and mesh top lock to keep dirt out and hold sock in place, you’ll be ready to take on the trail ahead!

and this?

The Trail Midweight is a high-density padded interface with maximum underfoot cushioning. TRAIL MW is designed to provide maximum comfort to handle the often harsh conditions of the trail

features injinji

OR you can give them the toughest test possible and review them like this!

Zelda’s Review

Let me begin by saying that if you are one of those people who doesn’t get blisters on your toes (or elsewhere on your feet), I hate you. Just kidding. Sort of. In his book Fixing Your Feet, Jon Vonhof says that the trifecta of heat, friction, and moisture, when present for an extended period of time, is the root cause of all foot blisters.
injinji log
Injinji toe socks… those toe wranglers that make your toes look like wriggly, fat sausages. Gorgeous little gloves for your feet. These little buggers garner attention from everyone, anywhere. Designed to help prevent foot blisters by reducing friction and wicking moisture away from the feet with CoolMax fabric, Injinji socks are ideal for long-distance runners.

Injinji toe socks have been around for years. All this makes a good sports sock, but the real magic of Injinji is the individual toes. Having each toe in its own ‘sleeve’ keeps the toes from overlapping, reduces skin on skin friction, and allows each toe to move a bit more freely. And because each toe is surrounded by this wicking fabric, the entire foot seems to stay drier than with regular socks, which keeps feet warmer in the cold and cooler in the heat.

Overall, I’m a huge fan of Injinji. If you are a runner, walker or hiker dealing with unhappy feet, I’d recommend you give Injinji a try. At just over 100 kays of trail in my Injinjis, over mountains and through rivers and mud, I have yet to boast a blister….

As any ultra-runner knows, deeming a pair of socks ultra-worthy is the highest honour that one can give.

If only I had given them a chance long ago, I would have been spared from so much misery.


Pieter’s Review

I have used Injinji Trail socks for about two years now and have not had a significant blister since. The team spent three days in the Wolkberg in Limpopo putting these socks to the test and this is how they performed. Its really simple we spent two days with our feet wet and did not get a blister covering about 70km.

Look this might look really bad but after a day of running in the wet, my feet looked like this but I had no blisters?

My feet very wet but blister free!

My feet very wet but blister free!

This is really a testament to how well Injinji socks work! You can not test a sock in good conditions! You need to take it out on an adventure and see how well it performs! I have used many brands but I always keep coming back to my tried and tested socks, these toe socks might seem weird at first but they really take care of your feet and that is what you need. The last thing you want to be worried about in a race, is how your feet are doing, after you have crossed the first stream knee-deep in the water or it starts raining.

I firmly believe that these trail socks are the best and Injinji takes the technology of feet care to a whole new level.


You can find Injinji at and on their facebook page here

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