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Interview with Rock Rabbit Run Organiser Nina Alexis Furness Durieux

Interview with Rock Rabbit Run Organiser Nina Alexis Furness Durieux

It’s always great to hear about a new trail run gracing our calendar, especially one that’s situated in the perfect natural playground of Broederstroom. I’ve just had the pleasure of catching up with NashNissan Rock Rabbit Race Organiser Nina Alexis Furness Durieux, trail runner par excellence, to find out a little more about what she’s got in store for us…

UR: Tell us a little about yourself and your love of trail running.

Nina: I started running in high school and got completely addicted to it. My first trail run was about 6 years ago and I thought I was going to die J . It was completely different to road running but so incredibly beautiful. Since then I have never looked back.

UR: What distances are featured at the NashNissan Rock Rabbit Run?

Nina: A tough and hilly 20 km and a easier 8km and a toddlers 150m dash

UR: Why is it called the Rock Rabbit Run?

Nina: Segwati Game Ranch is known for its rocky terrain and rabbit evokes thoughts of agility

UR: Are you getting a crack team of marshals together?

Nina: Yes at this stage we have marshals on all crucial points.  We also have 2 water stations on route for runners to cope with the heat.

UR: Why did you chose the Broederstroom area as your location?

Nina: The hills and terrain in Broederstrrom area always make for lovely routes. It is also easy to access from Johannesburg, Pretoria and the Hartbeespoort areas

UR: It’s pretty hilly around there, are you making the most of that?

Nina: Definitely!  The 20km runners will run from beacon to beacon, taking in the highest points of the farm. The views are absolutely spectacular, so whilst you catch your breath be sure to look around!

UR: Wow, I can feel my calves popping at the thought of it! So tell us a little more about the route(s) we can expect?

Nina: The 20km is a challenge indeed! The first 9km are mostly single track and no track where runners will make their way through the veld, over branches, over boulders and up towards Klipspringer mountain. As you get to the water point at Bush camp take a breather and fill up your water as you will be climbing to 1525m above sea level. There is about 1.5km on top of the mountain which is tricky. Thereafter it’s undulating with some jeep track, some single track and no track areas.  There are a few more climbs but the highest climb is over. The last few kms allow you to stretch your legs as you go over 2 short river crossings.

The 8km caters to the novice trail runner and runners who are looking for a fast time. The first 3.5km follows the same route as the 20km where runners will be challenged.  Thereafter it’s fairly undulating with mostly jeep tracks and a lovely bushy section at the end.

UR: How fit do people need to be to take on this challenge?

Nina: People need to have a reasonable level of fitness for the 20km but it caters for the top runners right through to the back of the pack.

The 8km route is suitable for all runners.

UR: Do you think the trail is suitable for first-time trail runners?

Nina: The 20km route may present a challenge to first time trail runners but I suppose that’s what we like about trail running . That it is a challenge and that it pushes your body, so yes if they are fit enough its suitable. The 8km is suitable for all runners first time or the experienced trail blazer.

UR: Do you have any other entertainment planned for the day?

Nina: There will be coffee and food on sale and amazing spot prizes. Nissan will be showcasing some of their off road vehicles and Michelle will be giving Bowen Therapy to all athletes who are interested.

UR: Are you planning to organise any other events in any other areas?

Nina: Definitely! I am planning quite a few runs next year. More details will be on the My road less travelled FB page.

UR: Are they any other “surprises” or anything else that you can tell us about to whet our appetites?

Nina: We have 7 Garmin Virb cameras on loan for the duration of the race that 7 people will be selected to run with. A cd of their run will be delivered to them. There is also live tracking of the front runners.  And of course the balloon ride spot prize to those who pre-entered and have entered the competition.

Thanks loads for your time Nina, we are looking forward to a great event!


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Really crazy lady with a passion for trail running and photography. She is often referred to as the "Ultra Mommy" because she takes good care of everyone on the team.

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